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Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”-Rober Frost

This blog post is about how I decided to become an entrepreneur rather than go along the path trodden by many .

I belong to a little community in India wherein if you dont have a job by the time you turn 22, people will start looking down upon you.Luckily, I was spared of all that because I got a good job in a respected MNC with a decent salary.

But I decided to skip the job and become an entrepreneur.Thanks to Nokia Developer.

I started off mobile app development as a hobby in my college days.Pretty soon I was a member of the prestigious Student Nokia Developer Community in India, headed by Ram Kashyap.As I started making more and more apps,the power of the S40 platform and the amount of downloads/revenue it can generate dawned on me.

Having experienced such a wonderful revenue stream, I never felt inclined to take up a job.I just wanted to keep on making more apps!I knew I could count on Nokia and its excellent support team.Hence with great faith, I rejected my job offer and I started seeing concern about my future in the eyes of my little community.With great faith in Nokia, I carried on.

Once taking up app development as my full time job.I had to learn more about S40/Asha platform and its app development.Thats when I learnt about Nokia Developer Webinars.It is a series of online webinars where anybody can register and attend.I have been attending these since 2012 and it has been an amazing experience!

I once attended a webinar on Camera and Image Processing .It was very nicely presented and the subject fascinated me a lot. I started experimenting with it and pretty soon, “Camera Effects Pro” was ready to be published.

The experience of learning is really exhilarating .I wanted to share what I learnt with the world. I went ahead and created a Wiki Article on how to do Image processing.I received appreciation from the community and my article got featured! !

Each of the webinars continued to help me learn and make better applications.After attending technical webinars, a new set of webinars emerged.They were about the design reviews for various apps.I am not a good designer myself and hence this was  completely new to me.I started attending each and every design webinar to learn more.

What I also like about the team in Nokia Developer is that they are very friendly and open to suggestions.This happened during the UI clinic webinards.

Most of the apps which came for the design review were ones that I had never seen before.I noticed that during the review process,the app was not given a proper demo.This made me hard to relate to the problems that were cited about the app.

I decided to suggest this to the UI Reviewer itself and hence dropped him a mail.The reviewer was really understanding and since then he has always showed us a demo of the app before starting the review!!

I had also enquired about a problem with the Icon toolkit that was provided by the team.I found out that it was not scaling without pixelation to the sizes requested by Nokia Publish.To demonstrate that, I had sent the icon of one of my apps.

I got a reply form the reviewer, acknowledging the problem.He also gave me one simple tip.He asked me to change the icon glyph from black to white.That tip went a long way!! I changed all of my icons from black to white glyphs and they all started looking really nice!!

Having no knowledge about designing myself, I was really happy for giving me such a suggestion.I also noticed a 10% increase in the downloads of my apps!!I have now crossed 2 billion downloads for all of my apps put together!!Am not planning to stop development of Asha ever at all 🙂I am now a happy developer, making apps everyday, helping fellow developers in discussion board and writing new articles for the wik and making money from my home!

I have never seen any company taking so many steps to encourage and support developers! I owe my entrepreneurial life to you.A big hats off !!

To all those who are new to Asha development,do  check out!

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